Each June hundreds of educators from across the country make the journey to the Teacher Self-Care Conference that inspires their practice and rejuvenates their hearts. They leave with strong strategies and best practices for taking care of themselves in the midst of the whirlwind that teaching has become. Join us to find new teaching friends, new connections with education luminaries, and enough self-care strategies to harmonize their year.
In 2019, the Teacher Self-Care Annual Conference is scheduled for June 21-22, 2019! This year our theme is, "The Spirit of a Teacher" where we’ll be hearing from groundbreaking speakers, cutting-edge workshops, and seminars that address what teachers need.  Before signing up for your session, please purchase your tickets.
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Abby Weiland

Abby Weiland
Instructional Coach, EdD Student, Writer
Hey everybody! I am a PK-12 instructional coach and doctoral student in curriculum and instruction. My research focuses on teacher well-being, and more specifically the contextual factors affecting teachers’ ability to thrive in this profession. If nothing else comes out of my work in education, I hope it’s this - YOU freaking matter. You matter. And even more, your well-being matters. Your passions matter. Your dreams for your life matter. I can’t wait to meet y’all in person!