Each June hundreds of educators from across the country make the journey to the Teacher Self-Care Conference that inspires their practice and rejuvenates their hearts. They leave with strong strategies and best practices for taking care of themselves in the midst of the whirlwind that teaching has become. Join us to find new teaching friends, new connections with education luminaries, and enough self-care strategies to harmonize their year.
In 2019, the Teacher Self-Care Annual Conference is scheduled for June 21-22, 2019! This year our theme is, "The Spirit of a Teacher" where we’ll be hearing from groundbreaking speakers, cutting-edge workshops, and seminars that address what teachers need.  Before signing up for your session, please purchase your tickets.
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Dr. Lisa Pickett

Point Park University and Pgh Public Schools
Pgh CAPA English Department Instructional Team Leader
Dr. Pickett is a life-long learner. She embraces all aspects of her career as an educator by honoring what she knows, as well as what she is open to learning to better the environment and experiences of her students. By embarking on this journey to earning her education doctorate degree, Mrs. Pickett has made the commitment to grow her knowledge base by embracing current educational research, engaging in rich philosophical discussions and presenting new ideas to those around her. Her specialties include secondary education, communications, writing, creative project management, African American Literature, African American History, African American cultural awareness, race-based trauma, mediation, self-expression apparel and print product development. She currently serves as the English Department Director at the Pittsburgh School for the Creative and Performing Arts and has appeared in the movie, Fences.